Monday, 11 June 2012

The leaking garden

The garden just isn't allowing itself to be limited by the boundaries of the laneway: it's leaking out into the community.  The first box to break away was reported here, and made plenty of waves.  Now a second box is up, tucked away in Rutland street.

Thomas and Dale with the new planter box
(permit no. YCG-02)
It's a wicking bed, planted with low maintenance herbs, such as dwarf rosemary, Spanish tarragon, creeping thyme, German camomile, perenial basil and oregano.  An ornamental kale centre piece will provide a bit of variation, along with an Hakawase strawberry; lettuce was planted in between the herbs, to take fill up the space while the perennials are still small.  Mint Corsican was planted in clumps in between, in the hope it will form a living mulch, and we also spread some alfalfa seeds to do the same job whilst everything else gets established.

Freshly planted box
It's not just a planter box for the community, but came from the community.  It was all made possible with the encouragement of locals, and the help from Dale, Neil, Maude, Crina, Barry, Sue and Norm, sponsorship from the Clifton Hill/ Fitroy North Community Bank, and compost made from food scraps from the Quince and Squirrel Cafés.

End view

Wicking bed in construction

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